In-house alterations by Sew-N-Fix Alterations

Hours for fittings and drop-off:

Monday - Saturday: 12pm - 6pm

Finished alterations can be picked up anytime during COMMUNITY's store hours:

Monday - Saturday: 11am-6pm

Sunday: 12-4pm

Phone: 706.296.0359 call or text

Walk-ins are welcome during alteration hours.  

Pricing depends on construction and complexity of the garment. You can call us for a quote, but we will not be able to give you a final price until we have seen the item. Please allow 7 days for your alterations to be completed. Work intensive alterations like formal wear and suits might require a longer turnaround time.

We are happy to do rush orders, but please understand that sometimes it will not be possible. Please call for availability. Extra fees will apply.


  • General alterations (hemming, taking in, letting out, changing sleeve length adjust straps, change collars, adjust necklines, etc.).
  • Repairs
  • Formal wear
  • Basic suit alterations
  • Custom design and vintage redesign by Shawna Lea Maranville: Click here to schedule an appointment: Https://